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to the home of vintage and retro photo booths

That little twisting stool, curtains on rails, the way the photos always pop out of a slot at the front of the booth, and high grade lighting with strobes placed below and above the camera window. Remember trying to cram that fifth person into the booth and all striking a different pose between flashes?

Retro-me Photo Booths is the only company in the UK able to supply original analogue photo booths for hire for weddings, parties and events.  Covering Photo Booth Hire in Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Leicester, Coventry, Sheffield, Nottingham, Liverpool, Manchester and London and the surrounding areas.

Just add people

The fun is back! Everything we knew and loved about those photo booths comes as standard with Retro-me.  We absolutely promise, no automated robotic voices barking orders at you, no touch screens, and no previews so people can change their images!  Our booths are the original Real McCoy.

Our photo booths are a magnet for fun. Just add people for a great atmosphere and unforgettable ‘caught on camera’ moments!  See what our customers are saying.