Photo Booth Buckinghamshire

Photos are a great way to capture memories of a special event, whether it is a wedding, birthday, or a corporate celebration. By hiring a photo booth Buckinghamshire based event planners inspire people to have fun and get creative. What could be better?

Authentic analogue booths

Retro Me offers photo booths with a difference. We are the only supplier of traditional analogue models in the UK. Each of them has been preserved and restored with great care. They have the vintage features everybody loves, including the slot at the front where the photos come out when they are printed. The images are black and white so they fit the retro theme perfectly.

Combining modern and retro

In addition to the original analogue booths we also have classical digital ones. They are the perfect combination of retro styling and modern cameras and printing. As a result they look the part while also providing much more in terms of the type of photos and how they are laid out.

Where can you have a booth?

A photo booth is a great way to encourage people to relax and have fun at an event. Guests can grab their friends and start striking poses. Copies can be printed so that everybody has one to take away with them. You can even get extras if you want to keep a photographic guest book. This is becoming very popular for weddings and birthdays.

Private functions are not the only places you can find photo booths though. They are also becoming increasingly popular in bars and clubs. People love being able to take photos of their nights out and the proprietor can benefit in the process. For example they can add their branding to the photos.

Choose the option for you

At Retro Me we offer a range of options with our photo booths. For starters we can arrange hire for different events, allowing the client to choose how much time they need. In addition we provide leasing for bars and clubs who want to have a booth for the long term. Finally, we can arrange sales too, creating bespoke products to suit various needs.

As you can see our service is extensive and definitely unique. If you are looking for a photo booth Buckinghamshire has no better provider than us. Have a look through our website or contact us to find out more.