Photo Booth Bedfordshire

Make a big splash at your next event by making it even more fun for your guests to take photos. Retro Me offers unique booths that always stand out. This coupled with our outstanding service has helped us earn a reputation for providing the best way to acquire a photo booth Bedfordshire has to offer.

Analogue or classic digital?

The thing that really makes us stand out is the choice that is available. We are the only provider of original analogue booths in the whole of the UK. These models are traditional in every sense, even down to the dip tank printing and black and white four frame photos. If you want a retro theme what could be better?

We appreciate that some people don’t want to go the whole way and would rather have modern photos. We can provide booths that offer just that but with traditional 60s and 70s graphics on the outside. Studio quality images can be printed in full colour and digital copies are kept too so it is easy to upload them online.

Both types of booth can be delivered across the UK and set up professionally by our team. A free box of props is provided with each one to make it even more fun and engaging.

A range of options

Photo booths can cater for a variety of needs. If you have a specific event in mind and want to create a fun and interactive atmosphere they could be perfect. If it is a wedding you can use the photos to create a beautiful guest book too. We are proud to arrange hire services to suit any need.

Bars and clubs can also enjoy fantastic benefits from choosing to lease a booth. They are a crowd pleaser and enhance the venue with the graphics. If that wasn’t enough, you can add branding to photos with the digital booths so that people remember where they were when the photo was taken. Our leasing services are wonderfully accessible.

Some people love vintage style photo booths so much they want to own one. Finding the perfect one can be tricky but we make it much easier. You can buy a bespoke booth from us and make it completely unique.

Retro Me is the company to call. When it involves a photo booth Bedfordshire has nobody better placed to cater for your needs. Contact us today to learn more.