Props – what to look out for with a photo booth provider

Creating the perfect atmosphere at an event can be tricky. Fortunately investing in the best photo booth hire Buckinghamshire has to offer with Retro Me can go a long way. Booths bring people together and are always fun. More incredibly, they can produce...
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It’s all about the size of your booth and prints

We are the only company able to offer a classic analogue photo booth Bedfordshire has. Whether you’re looking to impress or have some fun, our booths can prove to be a most useful asset. Well priced and fitting for all kinds of events, ours are...
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What can a photo booth do for my business?

Taking pictures is an essential part of any event, ensuring you capture the moment and save the memories. Snaps from your phone are fine but if what you’re really after is true quality, there are other options. Retro Me is the premier supplier of...
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Bring a photo booth along to your next event

We are widely considered the finest business for those seeking a photo booth Buckinghamshire has, and for good reason. We are the sole establishment capable of supplying individuals with traditional analogue and retro digital photo booths. They are appropriate...
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Photo booth hire considerations

Whether you are planning a wedding or a week/month long event, considering hiring a photo booth is wise for many reasons. Retro Me can provide a booths to suit many occasions for both long or short term purposes. In fact we have grown to be the go to...
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